Brand guidelines

The guidelines describe elements that represent’s corporate identity. These include our name, logo and other elements such as color, type and graphics.


Download our logos all types available for use, eps, png and jpeg files for print and digital use.

Private sharing logo

Use these logos when creating an app that's powered by technology.


Color plays an important role in the's identity. The colors shown are recommendations for all online media types. This palette of primary colors has been developed to form the “One Voice” color scheme.



Typographic hierarchy helps readers to understand information easily and the most important words are displayed with the most impact so users can scan text for key information.

img typo images

Our Images help explain the values of to our audiences, these help to build a complete picture of who we are and what we do. Imagery is light, bright and airy, with a focus on new technology innovation and inspiration!

img digime-images1
img digime-images2
img digi-images3
img digime-images

Our branding guidelines

The brand identity, including the logo, name, colors and identifying elements, are valuable company assets. Each of us is responsible for protecting the company’s interests by preventing unauthorised or incorrect use of the name and marks.