Vision and core values

Belief and purpose

We believe

The current model for how personal data is gathered and used is broken – for individuals, for businesses and for the whole of society. A far better model can be created that will bring greater value to all. Unlocking this value is essential for what will be an evolutionary step change in the way we live and do business.

Our Purpose

To bring about profound change by placing value, privacy and security at the heart of personal data in ways that benefit the individual, businesses and wider society. To be a force for good in the world and to enjoy the challenge of making history.

Our Mission

To be the foundational base layer that enables the personal data economy. To be the platform handling the majority of consent-based data transactions across the world.


Privacy is 100% private because we never see, touch or hold a person’s data. Only they can do that. Neither do we ever sell or trade an individual’s data (we can’t anyway as we don’t see or hold it).


Security is our paramount priority. Our product and business model depend on it. Security informs every step of our design and engineering process and is built on the solid foundations of distributed architecture and the encryption of all data and communications.


The ability to bring together data from a wide range of sources lies at the heart of, but that doesn’t mean your information becomes locked inside it. promotes ways of making data accessible and usable across different formats and methods of exchange, and supports international standards and trust models.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our values is the commitment to do two key things:
- Make a difference
- Do the right thing lets people live better lives. It redefines the relationships organisations have with individuals– customers, users, citizens. is bringing about profound change in the world and this is something we should be proud of. Here are the core values that underpin – how we workas a company, how we do businesses and how we deliver on our key commitments:


We walk the walk. We mean what we sayin all our communications and in all the claims and promises we make for We always do the right thing – by users, our business partners and by our selves.


We never compromise our principles – that way, we can be confident that we handle people’s data and operate our business in an ethical way. It goes without saying that we stringently comply with all relevant legislation and regulation.


We take what we do seriously. The change we make in the world presents huge opportunity but also significant challenges. We don’t cut corners or do anything that might pose a risk to people’s data and to the brand.


Trust lies at the heart of People trust us to give them back their data and to provide the security and privacy that allows them to use it with confidence in new and empowering ways. Our partners trust us as the enabler of new, innovative business models that create richer customer relationships built, in turn, on trust.


We treat everyone with respect: the people that use, our business partners, and other members of the personal data ecosystem – even our competitors. is a key player in this ecosystem with a responsibility to help establish the open and collaborative environment that will make it successful.


The best way we can demonstrate allof these values is to be as open andtransparent as possible about whatwe do and how we work. We have the best product in the market and a simple business model. We want people to understand our company and our technology so that they can better trust us. Of course, there are aspects of our technology that we cannot share because they are commercially sensitive, but we should be clear and upfront about saying so.